Big Faith

The show is called Big Love but polygyny really takes Big Faith

What a blessing

I had an emergency this past week and CW took my kids to the park so they could get out of the house and I could have some down-time, masha’Allah. God bless her! Don’t ever say there aren’t upsides to polygyny.  What a blessing to be able to count on your CW like that, and to be able to provide similar support to her!

American women suffer from post-partum depression more frequently than their sisters in other parts of the world.  The reasons are complex, of course, but one is that we’ve lost the built-in support system that was extended family.  Most young mothers are isolated to one degree or another, and don’t have access to female relatives or the women’s wisdom and caring that they could provide for one another.  Polygyny is one way to construct an extended family whose members can care for each other and extend that vital support – both in times of need and just on a regular, day-to-day basis.

February 28, 2007 - Posted by | blessings, faith, Islam, marriage, Muslim women, polygamy, polygyny, religion

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