Big Faith

The show is called Big Love but polygyny really takes Big Faith


Every time I open the MSN home page there is another story about the Mormon sect “polygamists”, from what’s happening to their kids to how the raid was conducted to why they dress the way they do (like decent people!).   Of course since I live overseas now I have only vaguely followed the story.  As far as I can tell the problem is not so much that they are engaged in polygyny, but that they are rather “overindulged’ in it.  Many, many wives, young brides and old men, sisters wed at the same time?  Is this a correct reading of the situation?  Are there any other facets of the story that are worthy of discussion?


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One on One?

OK, so here’s the thing:

I love polygyny.

I love having time to myself and I love that when my husband is with me the time is special and I don’t take him for granted.  I love living in a house where the other wing is family, I love our kids running back and forth.  I love family vacations where we caravan together (me and cw in one car with half the kids, dh in the other with the rest of the kids).  I love having a sister who knows the little quirks about my husband that make me want to wring his neck sometimes – and who sometimes reminds me to be patient and other times offers to join me in the neck wringing! 

The prospect of going back to monogamy after all these years is depressing to me.  If it really happens I’ll be so sad.


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What do you say when you haven’t written in a year? How do you start again?  A quick, painful look at the comments shows me that there were people reading and some of them reached out to me and I was very irresponsibly not there.  Please forgive me. 

I stopped writing because my cw and my husband were going through a really hard time.  For a long tiem it looked as if they would divorce.  I felt like I was no longer really qualified to speak positively about polygyny, because I would no longer be in it and because while not all of my cw’s difficulties arose because their marriage was polygynous, some of them were related to that fact, I’m sure.  Also, I certainly didn’t want to talk about my cw’s business online or run the risk of making any kind of ghiba.  So I just stopped writing.

I also had to sort through a lot of my own emotions.   I’ll share some of them here in future posts soon, insha’Allah.

Anyway, Allah knows how my cw’s situation will work out, although it is looking more hopeful recently, thank God.  But no matter what goes on in that arena, polygyny is still an important topic and I should not have just abandoned my blog like that.  I will get back on the horse and pray that any readers will be willing to give it another shot with me.




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